We aim to present a non-financial asset to individuals, companies or organizations, who want investment liquidity in the short and medium term with controlled risks. A non-financial asset is an asset with a physical value, such as real estate.

We specialize in consulting private information, especially real estate investment opportunities, through exclusive public and private sources, technology and information channels.

Reis Center was created to respond to the needs of the current investor, to obtain more market share in the knowledge of projects and assets of occasion. Our focus is to provide an information service, complementing the investor's existing network of contacts, strengthening and diversifying, in order to better control the supply of opportunities in the preferred assets and their areas of operation.

Our goal is to boost real estate investment in Portugal, creating an alternative to the traditional demand market, for the investor who wants to invest in information, saving commissions, fees and years of synergies and partnerships to get the right opportunity. We intend to offer a unique, exceptional and differentiated service to the existing one.

We investigate all types of assets, from land, houses, buildings or hotels, from north to south of Portugal.

To enjoy a comfortable future, investing is absolutely essential.


Investing can provide another source of income, help finance your retirement, or even give you or your company financial relief. Above all, investing helps to increase your wealth.

The investment can generate wealth, but the investor always wants to balance the potential gains with the minimum risk involved.

As the beginning of 2020 showed with the Covid 19 crisis, markets can become volatile very quickly.

The real estate market is increasingly attractive to investment, it has and always been a good deal. Investment in the real estate market is considered to be one of the safest types. This is because, when buying a house, apartment, office or land, you are acquiring a physical heritage (can be seen and touched), which tends to be valued over time.

Even in a period of crisis, this is a type of investment immune to bank failures and sudden falls in the financial market, which cannot be frozen by the government, such as savings.