SERVICES & Solutions

We have 2 service solutions for the real estate market.

1. Investments in assets

In this option, an opportunity asset is presented, after a previous study, the customer decides whether to purchase. We formalize and support the entire purchase process. In case of purchase and sale, we also assist in the sale if necessary. We will only present assets with market value where their valuation is expected to be at least greater than 50%, and in some cases may exceed 200%.

The number of contracts in our service project is limited to the offer.

Sale of assets

Criamos um serviço excepcional de consultadoria, para os proprietários que estão com dificuldades em vender os seus ativos pelos valores que pretendem. Através de estudos de valorização, aconselhamos os nossos clientes quais os procedimentos a tomar, para criar valor ao seu imóvel de forma a que consigam gerar interesse ao investimento e alcançarem a capitalização pretendida.




The client informs us of the purpose for which the investment is intended, whether it is buying and selling, buying and monetizing or just own enjoyment. Defines the investment values, which type of asset, location and average investment / return term.

We also present investment options in a general way and the client chooses the best investment solution.

Reis Center starts a study, based on what is requested, in order to present an optimized proposal of our services.

The remuneration of our services depends on the amounts to be invested and the operating costs involved, as a result of the investigation and quality of the information, over the contracted time.