Created and founded with the objective of making it easier for all investors to access information on the best real estate investments active in Portugal.

Our Company allows to create the bridge between the investor and the best possible and existing real estate business in the country.

Currently, the few real estate liabilities, which we call opportunities, come to the knowledge of the public and investor in an unclear way, without market and risk studies, difficult to be visited and evaluated, with several intermediaries in the acquisition process.

REI SOLUTIONS CENTER intends to be always present as soon as a business opportunity arises. We want to be the first to present you the best updated investment option. In a clear way, with risk studies, market evaluation studies, market forecast studies, reports from external evaluation companies, diagnosis of the property with repair planning, pre-purchase conditions and the possibility of knowing the investment in person.

With the certainty that you will acquire it with the minimum of intermediaries, and for values much lower than what would currently be possible. Whether for investment or for own use.


Dear investor,

Are you being competitive in the market and building your information portfolio?

Do you recognize the importance in the strategy and analysis of real estate competition?

Do you capture investment opportunities differently?

Reis Center seeks to have an in-depth knowledge of the existing supply models, how it operates and its sources, explores information channels that until now were unknown or little practiced. Our execution strategy incorporates proven methodologies in the area of reserved investment information. We have a very receptive approach to the management and completion of our services. We propose to offer optimized, premature, clarified and fast assets of opportunity to the current models and existing in the market.

Invest in privileged information and do exclusive and direct business with those you promote.

We create value for our services and certify the satisfaction of all our customers. Our mission is to guarantee a long-term business partner.